Thermal POS Printer 350EQ

- Compatible with EPSON ESC/POS and STAR command sets
Ÿ - Support paper end and black mark detection
Ÿ - Connect and printer faster, stop Receipt misprinting
Ÿ - Support connecting to WAN printing
Ÿ - Virtual serial port mode, USB port support OPOS application
Ÿ - 250mm/sec ultra high print speed
Ÿ - Built in Web page to set up printer directly
Ÿ - Printer status monitoring
Ÿ - High speed driver printing mode, 66% improvement in print
   speed via serial port
Ÿ - Windows X86 / X64 / Linux / OPOS driver
Ÿ - Support up 68 international languages and GB1830
Ÿ - Serial+USB+Ethernet, Parallel+USB interfaces
Ÿ - Support IP change via Serial or USB port


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