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About us

Roan Systems, a South African-based company offering products and services for a variety of IT, Production Automation, FMCG, Healthcare, Automotive and various other sectors and applications Over the last 25 years Roan Systems has evolved into an industry leader in Line Matrix, Thermaline, Mobility, RFID, POS, Mobile Device Management, IoT and Print & Apply solutions that cater for every customer’s needs. You don’t have to take our word for it... you can ask for references from those customers that have enjoyed quality value for money service.


Roan Systems is as fast-moving as the industries it has chosen to specialise in. Every month is marked by a bold development, whether in the form of operational enhancements, new national offices, or value-added partner partnerships.


Roan Simplify, our Product as a Service, whether it is hardware or software or a combination of both has had exceptional growth since its introduction 4 years ago. With our recent introduction of Simplify Elevate you can enjoy the flexibility of the short term as well. Simplify is designed to totally take away the headache for our customers to manage equipment, have enlarged fleets because of repair times, and manage end of life and/or end of support. Most importantly is that you can spend your capex on growing your core business. We will take care of the rest and ensure maximum uptime.


Printing & mobility solutions are a key part of any business, and we have expertise in all types of printing and mobility technologies. Whether you want bar-coded documents; document storage archiving, labels, RFID, invoices or scanning we have a solution. In fact, we can supply a whole range of solutions to meet any requirement. Roan Systems strives to provide cost-effective and efficient maintenance and service options as well as employ state of the art technology in both hardware and software.


We believe that our greatest asset is consistency, with which we place our customers first, ensuring that in solving problems and offering solutions, we are not merely showcasing our talents, but offering real-time cost savings and increased efficiency in business operations.


Roan Systems has 5 main branches in the following areas: (Pretoria, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Nelspruit, and Cape Town) and our numerous satellite branches via our established Value-Added Partners across South Africa as well as the United Kingdom, this allows the company to provide international on-site and remote support.


Roan Systems believes in employing efficient service and management of the printers and mobility devices we will not only satisfy present requirements but also set the platform for future growth and add value to your day-to-day operation.


Our Roan Active Services division ensure we stay on top of our game and ensure total customer satisfaction through our TechConnect Call Management software that manages our technical team real-time and ensures you our customer with the best support and maximum uptime. We can provide you with reporting that shows response times, repair times and total downtimes by product, serial number, location, or site. Roan Systems has for the last 25 years maintained and serviced various customers with tailor-made support requirements which include on-site technicians, managed print solutions, rentals, maintenance, mobility, mobile device management and service contracts to name a few.


Would you not want your Solutions Provider partner to be this flexible but still care about your business as if it was their own?

Different Industries We Specialise In
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