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Drive Efficiency and Service to Accelerate Revenue

The operations department is the heart of any transportation fleet. It’s the key to keeping the fleet on the road and working at optimal efficiency. Rolling means revenue – anything less and you’re burning profits. Honeywell integrated workflow solutions equip you with the right tools to get your drivers on the road to productivity faster.

On the Road Now With a Better Plan

How many hours a day does your fleet operations lose between drivers clocking in and getting on the road? With our automated dispatch solutions, you can eliminate the paper shuffle and get your drivers rolling faster with a better plan. More effective drivers. More efficient fleet operations.

Operational transparency. It’s the key to reacting more quickly to changes, making better decisions and dropping more profit to the bottom line. By moving from paper-based to automated systems, you can schedule and verify routes for plan compliance. With Honeywell mobile workflow solutions, you can also capture every aspect of a dispatch workflow – from the minute a driver gets to work through his final end-of-day vehicle inspection. 

One example: A large plumbing supply wholesaler improved its fleet utilization with our mobile computing software solutions. As a result, the company boosted fleet efficiency, reduced fixed overhead and operational expenses, and refocused by moving 15 full-time staff from low-value data entry to high-value customer service-oriented roles.

Keep the Fleet Rolling

Economic uncertainty such as fuel prices, insurance costs and regulatory burdens are demanding much stricter internal control measures. Access to real-time information is required to manage fluctuations and plan ahead. 

Honeywell workflow solutions deliver the operational transparency you need to control fuel, labour, maintenance planning and material handling costs.

Proactive Customer Service

Customer expectations continue to rise. They’re no longer satisfied with the same old reactive GPS update or a 4-hour delivery estimate. Give every customer the superior proactive service the competitive market demands, including real-time proof of delivery, proactive notification and transparency to every facet of your service. 

Our productivity and cost-saving solutions directly impact bottom-line business results and customer satisfaction. And satisfied customers will reward you with loyalty and repeat business, driving you ahead of the competition.

Integrated, Whole Fleet Management Solutions From Honeywell

If you’re a T&L executive that’s driven to change the competitive position of your enterprise, take notice. Our unique mobile workflow solutions drive more efficient, accurate and transparent dispatch and tracking operations. As a result, you’ll be able to make better decisions, improve customer service, and increase your revenue and profits.


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