IXOR - To be integrated into labeling machines

Labeling head driven by a servo motor. Pre-printed labels can be fast and accurately applied on products or packaging.


Mechanically, IXOR can be ideally integrated in fully automatic labeling machines by means of a modular construction kit – or it can be assembled to the conveyor belt of a production line by means of a wide range of accessorial stands. Thus, pre-printed labels can be applied on products or packaging fast and precisely.

The control unit is integrated in the device, a separate control cabinet is not required. The base unit is provided in four widths, as left hand or right hand version. Unwinders enable processing of label rolls with 410 mm maximum outside diameter.

IXOR is a key component for smart production. LAN and WLAN interfaces enable the labeling head to be connected to the superior control units of machines.

MQTT ensures cross-platform and future-proof communication. Modbus, OPC-UA and Ethernet/IP are available on demand. Protocols are kept simple and lean, machine and plant data can be submitted event-driven. In case data values have changed, data updates are possible in real time.

Remote operation with a smartphone, tablet or PC is possible at any time. The intuitive web interface allows backup, restore and updates.

Label sensor CEON

to detect particularly thin or transparent label materials

When self-adhesive labels are applied automatically, paper or plastic materials are in use depending on the requirement. The range includes particularly thin, transparent or metallized labels.

The intelligent CEON label sensor on the labeling head supports reliable identification and precise positioning of all conventional label materials.


Good reasons for choosing CEON:

  • Easy assembly directly on the peel-off plate

  • Detection of all label materials at any mesh width

  • Precise detection even at very high dispensing speeds up to 8,000 inches/min

  • High repeat accuracy

  • Comfortable sensor balance by means of the AutoTeach function directly on the IXOR

  • Operating voltage 15 to 30 VDC

  • Push-pull output: PNP, NPN, 40mA, short-circuit proof

The highlights of the labeling head IXOR

  • Labeling head driven by a servo motor

  • Pre-printed labels can be fast and accurately applied on products or packaging.

  • Modular construction kit

  • Chassis depth 54 mm for installation in labeling machines

  • Intuitive smartphone-like user navigation

  • WLAN interface

  • Working widths 124 mm to 310 mm

  • Processing of label reels up to 310 mm (optionally 410 mm) outer diameter

Other Product Options
For automatic printing and applying in production lines
For the precise applying in real time. The precision guide enables the labels to be applied or blown on the product with great accuracy.
Hermes C is the first labeling system worldwide to print and apply two-color labels in one operation. It has been developed and optimized especially for applications corresponding to the new Classification and Labeling Inventory according to GHS.
For real-time labeling on packaging or products. Labels may be applied on the product from all sides.
Labeling head driven by a servo motor. Pre-printed labels can be fast and accurately applied on products or packaging.
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