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Terms & Conditions For Maintenance Contracts

MA Growth Contract Special Terms & Conditions:
Only valid for new contracts, not existing contracts.
No serial number of any customer that was on contract in a previous term with Roan Systems is eligible for the special.
No renewals of any kind of current maintenance contracts will be eligible for the special
New items added to the agreement will be eligible for the special providing that it is an item that was previously under warranty and there has been no break in support from Roan Systems.
All product that would be taken onto maintenance with Roan Systems must be inspected by a Roan Systems representative and be brought up to standard prior entering into the agreement. All repair costs to bring the equipment up to standard will be for the customer’s account.
Products that cannot be supported because of a lack of parts/ end of life / end of service can be considered for labour only and PM only agreements.
If print head inclusive agreements is considered the print heads of the thermal barcode printers needs to be inspected and is subject to the following:
Print heads must be free of visible marks. Visible marks shall be defined as scratches or burn marks caused by defacing the print head through physical intervention or, buildup of debris due to ineffective cleaning.
Standard 1 Year contract – sign for 12 months – only pay for 10 months
Note the contract must be signed using normal amounts for future renewals. Discounts will be applied in bulk once invoiced. Contracts will not be signed for the reduced amounts as it will affect future renewals.