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Are You Using The Mobile Device Platform with the Longest Security Lifecycle in the Industry? Get Support Through Android™ R

Extended lifecycle and enhanced security are two key reasons to invest in Mobility Edge™, Honeywell’s unified hardware and software platform for mobile computing. Only Mobility Edge guarantees support through Android R, giving you the longest security lifecycle in the industry. When you take control of your mobile device management with Mobility Edge, you’ll be positioned to drive business agility faster, better, more cost-effectively and with less risk.

Delivering the results you need

Secure Your Mobile Device Lifecycle Through  Mobility Edge Android R Capability

We have future-proofed our devices so that our customers would be assured that all of our mobile hardware and software would work seamlessly with future versions of Android. 

Unleash the Power of Mobility Edge

Honeywell’s Mobility Edge is a dynamic, unified platform with powerful hardware and software tools to accelerate deployments, optimize performance, and extend product lifecycle. Watch the video and see the difference Mobility Edge can make for your mobile computer investments.

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