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The world's only postscript and PDF line matrix printer

The simplicity of PDF & PostScript printing combined with the reliability and low operating cost that only Line Matrix can deliver.

Why OpenPrint

The migration away from legacy application system environments has been forcing customers away from line matrix:

  • Windows, Linux, and ERP system applications generally only support PostScript, PDF and PCL 5

  • The use of Windows Drivers not preferred for production environments

  • Pre-printed forms typically abandoned during the migration process

  • Printed documents can include more graphics

  • Overlays, logos, barcodes, etc.

  • We needed a way to compete in this environment while empowering users to keep with line matrix


What is OpenPrint

Our OpenPrint series printers use a different shuttle mechanism from that used by all other P8000 models

  • Originally designed for use in our double-byte character printers

  • Built on our 1500 or 2000lpm shuttle mechanism

  • Use hammer tips that are 34% smaller 

  • 0.28mm vs 0.42mm

  • Print speed performance is measured in inches per minute and not by lines per minute

  • 5 different resolution modes are available, yielding print speeds ranging from 79ipm to 236ipm  (Actual performance can vary dependent on page image)

OpenPrint models are available in Open Pedestal, Cabinet, and Zero-Tear configurations

Combines Printronix System Architecture with PDF Level 1.7 and PostScript Level 3 interpreters designed by Artifex

  • No other datastream options are supported

  • Printronix PJL included for job control and configuration

  • Support for 35 standard PostScript Level 3 fonts, and embedded PDF fonts

Printronix Sure Scan technology helps ensure barcodes are rendered at the printer, and yield the best possible scan rates

Sure Scan technology analyzes each page image and performs the following:

  • Barcode images are identified and erased

  • An optimized PSA barcode is generated at the printer in the proper resolution

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