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“Vocollect Voice gives us a more flexible and versatile workforce, with new employees using the system in just 20 minutes. Voice simply makes life a lot easier. ”

3663 supplies a wide choice of foods and commercial kitchen equipment to all areas of the foodservice market. They deliver frozen, fresh, chilled, non-food and catering equipment products to a range of customers, from small independents to large national accounts. With 23 depots and 4 regional distribution centres spread throughout the UK, 3663 is the UK’s leading foodservice company with sales of over £1.6 billion a year, delivering quality ingredients, finished products and equipment to the catering industry. 3663 has over 4,200 employees and a modern fleet of 800 temperature controlled vehicles, making an average of 45,000 deliveries a week to their customer base which includes Burger King, KFC and Nandos. The management team at 3663 are always looking for new ways of improving operational performance, with the aim of increasing profitability while continuing to deliver outstanding customer service.

The Results: Delivered on a Plate!

Since the installation of the system, 3663 has seen accuracy increase to near 100 percent and order selection rates up by 30 percent. The management team has benefited from a heightened level of control that has allowed the business to focus on core activities and to plan more effectively.

Having access to real-time productivity status reporting has yielded complete knowledge and traceability for its processes and goods, more effective training and increased staff retention rates. Vocollect’s Voice-Directed Distribution system at 3663 was the UK’s first end-to-end voice application. It has made a huge impact on 3663’s business by delivering an organically developed system that meets the precise needs of the organisation. Increases in visibility, traceability and productivity have all boosted the company’s profit margins, while delivering superior customer service which for 3663 is the most important aspect.

The Challenge: Increasing Order Selection Accuracy and Productivity

With an entire supply chain relying on its operations, time is of the essence for 3663’s Logistics division. The division has a long standing commitment to moving goods to the right place at the right time without incident or error. For the business to sustain increased growth and profitability, 3663 could not afford unexpected costs such as sending out half-empty lorries or high levels of inaccurate selection. In addition to accuracy, productivity and speed are of vital importance to the company’s profit margins.

The more products the company can move in a day, the greater the increase in revenue, so having a focussed approach to ensuring processes are not duplicated needlessly is essential. In their quest for logistics excellence, 3663 turned the spotlight on the company’s long standing, paper driven processes to see how voice technology could help to increase accuracy, speed up order selection, gain better visibility of stock,streamline processes and make the best possible use of its workforce.

The Solution: A la Carte Approach

To meet its needs, 3663’s warehouse operations chose Vocollect’s VoiceDirected Distribution in conjunction with the Manhattan Associates’ WMOS. This facilitated order verification very early upstream, as soon as the article is picked, not just on the basis of its location in the warehouse. 3663 approached one of Vocollect’s certified partners to roll out a fully integrated Warehouse Management System (WMS) driven by Vocollect Voice across four logistics depots: Banbury; Litchfield; Royton and Heywood.

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