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Areatec Tecnologia, Brazil, Transforms Field Operations With 42Gears UEM solution

Areatec® is a Brazilian company specializing in mobile technology. It offers several customized solutions to different sectors of the Brazilian economy and throughout Latin America. The company also provides digital parking solutions to companies across Brazil. Areatec® is ISO 9001 certified and has more than 200,000 users for its mobile application. Users can pay and park in Blue Zone parking areas by simply entering the city, the amount of time needed and license plate number in the application.

Areatec® provides Android mobile devices (Samsung phones) to its field workforce to verify parking tickets. Vehicle owners can check for available parking spaces and book a space for a specific time using the parking application, Digipare.


Areatec® distributed hundreds of devices to streamline its field operations. However, in order to simplify device configuration and management and ease management for the IT department, Areatec required a comprehensive mobile device management solution.

The Solutions

Areatec® deployed 42Gears UEM solution to manage all their endpoints. The following functionalities proved to be extremely useful:

  1. Install and update application: This feature enables the company to easily configure devices and reduces the time required for such tasks considerably

  2. Telecom Expense Management: Telecom management feature helps Areatec monitor data usage and save costs on mobile data

  3. Kiosk mode: This ensures that frontline workers have access to critical business applications only

  4. Remote Support: This feature provides real-time access to the end-users device screen for troubleshooting technical problems

Areatec® implemented 42Gears UEM solution which not only helped the IT admin resolve technical issues 50% faster than before but also enabled the business to assume complete control of all its endpoints.

The Result

1. The overall efficiency increased by 85%

2. Areatec® saved 55% on the cost of mobile data

3. The company was also able to save 30% costs on support

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