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Barcode Scanning to keep a safe distance in today's logistics

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

In today’s challenging business environment, logistics companies, their customers and end consumers are looking to maintain safe distance using barcode scanning.

These unprecedented times have paved the way for digital transformation as businesses shift operations to cope with office closures, restricted movement and supply interruption.

These shifts have heightened the awareness of cleaning protocols and the need to rapidly execute tasks and social distancing. As a result, transportation and logistics (T&L) providers are seeking solutions and have recognised that traditional healthcare barcode scanning solutions are now applicable for use in T&L.

Delivery companies are expected to accurately deliver and replenish inventory based on barcode reads. In an iOS mobile environment this is often done with a consumer device camera which can lead to an unreliable outcome when a barcode is difficult to read.

When inventory assortment expands, the time associated with taking a picture of each barcode becomes lengthy. The extra time can place delivery drivers in environments

that compromise social distancing protocols. Mobile devices can also be exposed to dirty in-store environments resulting in delivery companies not adhering to safety protocols.

In the following scenario, discover how our scanners can be used to enhance employee or corporate-owned iOS platforms by increasing productivity while maintaining safe distance. Using the scanner minimises the amount of time spent in the delivery outlet, thus reducing exposure to other workers and consumers while providing a disinfectant-ready housing specifically designed to handle harsh cleaning agents.



A delivery associate completes the delivery and walks into the outlet to capture details via barcode image capture on their consumer iOS device.


The delivery associate must enter an environment which requires close range image capture to obtain data using the iOS platform. Unfortunately, this violates recent safety protocols associated with social distancing and may result in the use of an iOS device in a dirty environment.


For enterprises looking to extend the capabilities of their employee or corporate-owned iOS platforms, these platforms can be integrated with Honeywell’s enterprise disinfectant-ready housing sled. This transforms the consumer grade smartphone into an enterprise-ready device that provides instant access to critical business information across multiple shifts while leveraging the 2D barcode scan engine built into the sled.


Our sleds are helping T&L companies innovate the way they work by leveraging their iOS mobile device deployments and transforming them into more capable, enterprise-ready devices. Giving you:

• Instantly access critical enterprise information at a safe social distance.

• Quickly and accurately read linear and 2D barcodes with the integrated barcode


• Gain additional power to the iOS device, ensuring maximum uptime.


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