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escos Automation Obtains 50% Improvements in Efficiency with 42Gears SureMDM

escos Automation GmbH is a system integrator for geriatric care providers. The company offers technology to senior home operators that promote safety, comfort, and social interaction. Seniors experience these benefits through a combination of a tablet, home sensors, and remote computing technology - together known as escos Copilot.

With the help of SureMDM, escos Copilot’s tablets provide a way for seniors with any level of technological literacy to live better lives. Seniors in group homes can use escos Copilot tablets to post event notifications on group signage, coordinate food delivery, and more; as 42Gears’ SureLock presents only a small number of relevant applications, the experience empowers seniors without overwhelming them.

The tablets that escos Copilot uses need to work well at all times. After all, these tablets are essential caregiving tools, letting seniors experience higher quality-of-life. However, if these tablets developed any issues, seniors may not be equipped to fix them. The tablets also needed a way to present only a few applications and to update software without disrupting seniors’ tablet use.

As their tablets are essential caregiving tools, escos automation needed an endpoint management solution to manage their tablets, turn them into dedicated-purpose devices, and remotely update the software


Major challenges faced by escos included:

  • Remotely troubleshooting devices

  • Remotely managing applications to keep them up-to-date

  • Converting the tablets into dedicated-purpose devices, streamlining use by seniors


escos automation GmbH uses SureMDM by 42Gears for:

  • Enabling application management: Configuring tablets with necessary applications and updating them remotely.

  • Delivering immediate, on-demand support: With SureMDM’s remote support feature, escos automation and its sales partners can now troubleshoot customer technical problems in real-time.

  • Turning tablets into dedicated purpose devices: Locking down tablets to create a streamlined experience with a small number of applications necessary for the elderly.

  • Personalizing the tablets: Customizing and personalizing tablets with large icons and large text, making them user-friendly for elderly individuals with poor eyesight.


  • The time required to deploy each tablet has decreased by 75% since adopting SureMDM.

  • Staff can now complete remote app installation, de-installation, and updates without disrupting the user experience or scheduling ahead of time with users.

  • The company can now consistently enforce and manage policies on tablets.

  • Configuring jobs such as notifications, file transfer, install application, location tracking etc., and controlling the tablets is now an easy feat.

  • All the above capabilities have resulted in improved support and device life-cycle management.


As a result of these enhancements (and others), escos automation reports that it has seen a 50% increase in both efficiency and productivity since adopting 42Gears’ technology.

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