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New Cleaning Guidelines for Healthcare Mobile Computers

Cleaning and disinfecting guidelines for Zebra healthcare mobile computers Zebra’s healthcare mobile computers are engineered for healthcare work environments and optimized to enable excellence in clinical collaboration. In addition, the housings are created with the industry’s most resilient medical-grade plastics, designed to handle the constant disinfecting required to reduce the risk of spreading healthcare associated infections (HAIs) and micro-organisms.

The guidelines in this document must be followed in order to properly disinfect Zebra’s healthcare mobile computers and protect the housing plastics from damage. Included in this document is a list of approved cleaning and disinfecting agents, plus clear step-by-step instructions that will help eliminate as many germs as possible.

Cleaning and disinfecting guidelines

• Disconnect the device from AC/DC power — do not clean while charging.

• To avoid damage to the device or accessory, use only approved cleaning and disinfecting agents specified for Zebra healthcare mobile computers.

• Follow the Manufacturer’s directions on the approved cleaning and disinfecting agent for how to use their product properly and safely.

• Use pre-moistened wipes or dampen a soft sterile cloth (not wet) with the approved agent. Never spray or pour chemical agents directly onto the device.

• Use a moistened cotton-tipped applicator to reach tight areas. Be sure to remove any lint left over by the applicator.

• Do not allow the liquid to pool.

• Allow the device to fully air dry, then dry with a soft lint-free cloth or towelette before use. Ensure electrical contacts are fully dry before reapplying power.

Approved cleaning and disinfectant agents for Zebra’s healthcare mobile computers There are numerous cleaning and disinfecting agents used in the healthcare industry, some of which contain ingredients that are harmful to Zebra’s healthcare mobile computers. Therefore, it is important to use only Zebra-approved cleaning and disinfecting agents from the list below. Note: Any solution percentages specified in the list below should be adhered to and not exceeded. Warning: The combining of chemical agents may be hazardous both to the user as well as to the device and is not approved. To ensure safe handling and use, always follow the safety instructions provided by both the manufacturer of the approved cleaning or disinfecting agent, along with the Zebra cleaning and disinfecting guidelines. The use of non-approved cleaning or disinfecting agents on Zebra healthcare mobile computers may result in damage to the product, and may void the warranty. All approved cleaning and disinfecting agents are listed in the following table.

Special precautions for bleach-based disinfectants

• Bleach-based cleaners are not approved for use on cradles.

• Bleach products are known to corrode metals very quickly.

• Avoid allowing any bleach-based cleaner to touch the electrical contacts on Zebra healthcare mobile computers.

• If the contacts are exposed to bleach, it is important to completely remove it using only water or isopropyl alcohol solution.

Additional periodic deep cleaning maintenance

• Keep your Zebra healthcare mobile computers and cradles in good working order with regular and comprehensive cleaning to remove the natural build-up of dirt that occurs with everyday use.

• Deep cleaning maintenance is recommended on a monthly basis.

1. Grill cleaning instructions for Zebra healthcare mobile computers


a. Using a dry, hard-bristle brush, scrub the upper and lower audio grills of the devices for 10-20 seconds.

b. If any debris is unable to be removed using the dry brush, dampen the grill areas with a disinfectant wipe (or lightly dampen the bristles in water), and repeat.

2. Scanner exit window

• For devices with scan engines, wipe the scanner exit window with lens tissue or other material suitable for cleaning optical materials, such as eyeglasses.

3. USB-C plug (TC21-HC/TC26-HC only)

• The USB-C plug must be inserted into the device prior to cleaning to avoid damage to the USB-C port.

4. Charging contacts

• Dip the cotton portion of a cotton-tipped applicator in isopropyl alcohol.

• Gently rub the cotton portion of the cotton-tipped applicator back and forth across the connector contacts of the Zebra device.

• Using a dry cotton-tipped applicator, rub across the connector contacts of the Zebra device, back and forth several times.

• Carefully inspect and remove any cotton or other residue that remains on the connector.

• Allow the isopropyl alcohol to air dry, or dry with a soft lint-free cloth or towelette. Ensure electrical contacts are fully dry before reapplying power.

5. Cradles and battery chargers

• Remove the power cable from the cradle or charger.

• Dip a cotton-tipped applicator in isopropyl alcohol.

• Gently rub the moistened cotton-tipped applicator along with the pins of the connector. Slowly move the applicator back and forth from one side of the connector to the other.

• Rub all sides of the connector with the cotton-tipped applicator.

• Spray compressed air in the connector area by pointing the tube/nozzle about 1/2 inch (12.7 mm) away from the surface. (Caution: When using compressed air, follow the product manufacturer’s directions for safe usage.)

• If grease or other types of debris are found on other areas of the cradle, use a lint-free cloth and isopropyl alcohol or premoistened alcohol wipe to remove.

• Inspect and remove any residue (e.g., cotton, cloth, etc.) that may have attached to the connector during the cleaning process.

• Allow the isopropyl alcohol to air dry, or dry with a soft lint-free cloth or towelette. Ensure electrical contacts are fully dry before reapplying power.

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