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Roan is Giving Back To The Community

While Roan Systems is celebrating 25 successful years in business, we attribute our success to our dedicated team and innovative business practices.

While our company continues to grow each year we strive to keep our company's Values of

Quality of life - only a balance will bring happiness & Courage - to do what's right.

Roan Systems provided Fuanani Christian School with much-needed Educational Materials to further improve the education of their young students.


"Hope is nurtured by creating an environment for our Youth where they can believe in their right to dream, believe in their ability to achieve their dreams, and have the means to achieve their dreams. Having the ability to execute dreams an environment is needed that provides nurturing, protection, education, and support physical and emotional skills."


A Message From Funanani Christian School

"Thank you so much for the amazing set of Maths and Science books that you delivered this morning. Our children will definitely be well-equipped for Senior Phase and High School.

Thanks also for the seed pencils donated to the ECD Centre. I'm sure our kiddies will have fun planting their seeds and watching the different plants grow.

We truly appreciate your commitment to the children of our beautiful community and to their education. May God bless you all abundantly as you continue to be such a blessing to others.

Kindest regards, Maureen King - Principal: Funanani Christian School"

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