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Seafood Merchandiser Saves TimeAnd Ensures Order Accuracy


Greys Marine is a fish merchant in South Africa. Focussed on sustainability, it contracts licensed, experienced fishermen to harvest its fish and seafood, including game fish such as tuna. It then prepares and supplies this fish and seafood to numerous supermarkets throughout the country. It also has its ownbrand deli counters located within one of the country’s leading chain stores.


In the past Greys Marine managed its orders from supermarkets and its own deli counters using paper-based processes. This system was time consuming, inefficient and subject to error. Greys Marine therefore decided to automate the receipt and processing of customer orders and started looking at new mobile computing systems.


Greys Marine reviewed a range of mobile applications before opting to install FieldMetrix. The cloud-based software, accessed via handheld computers, connects remote teams to pre-built and customisable forms that allow data to be captured from a range of sources. These include data from electronic forms filled in by users, signatures, barcode scans, GPS locations, sketches, voice notes and more. A simple web dashboard provides access to the data and a range of reports. Users access FieldMetrix, scan barcodes and collect signatures using Zebra Technologies’ MC65 rugged handheld computers. The MC65s were selected for their rugged build and integrated features including scanner and GPS that help teams quickly and accurately capture information. Greys Marine’s purchase orders are entered into FieldMetrix’s web-based purchase order system, so the factory can see what it needs to produce. The warehouse team are sent picking lists in real time to their Zebra MC65 handheld computers and barcodes are printed and affixed to each order. Batch barcodes are scanned at picking and as the orders leave the factory and arrive in store. In store, teams also scan stock and waste to develop a clear picture of how much stock is being wasted.


FieldMetrix is a comprehensive mobility solution. Accessed over the cloud it ensures that Greys Marine has all the benefits of a mobile computing system without the heavy start-up and maintenance costs. Indeed, Greys Marine was able to deploy its new mobile platform quickly with just minor customisation of the pre-built forms and workflows within FieldMetrix. The solution is improving performance across the business. In the warehouse, teams’ electronic pick lists help ensure that stock is accurately picked and packed. The business also has a real-time view of who packed produce, when it left the factory and when it arrived in store. The ‘arrival’ data includes GPS data and signature details with all data displayed on the web dashboard to provide traceability from shipment to delivery. The stores record and process deliveries quickly using the scanner and any disparities between goods expected and orders received are immediately flagged. In addition, by scanning stock that’s past its sell by date, the business can adjust future orders to reduce wastage. Furthermore, by improving visibility over produce, Greys Marine has been able to identify stock theft and loss and take steps to manage it. Greys Marine is seeing incremental time savings with streamlined electronic forms ensuring efficiencies across order picking, packing, shipping and recording. Such has been the success of FieldMetrix, the initial roll-out across their 3 stores is being extended to cover another 30 plus shops.

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