Whether it is tracking luggage, trade show attendees or assets, our portfolio of products and solutions help provide deep business insights, enhance supply chain management, and deepen communication experiences with consumers.

Data Logging Sensors

Understanding how your products are being treated as they make their way across the supply chain can be critical to your business. Thin, disposable sensor products from RRD provide the monitoring and information you need to have visibility and insight into how your products are handled and cared for while in your control and as they make their way to the final end user.


Our disposable sensors carefully measure and record your product’s temperature, exposure to humidity, light, drops (shock) or other environmental conditions.

Our sensors provide a visual indication of status, and can also be queried on-demand using RFID, NFC, BLE or other communication protocols - all without the need to plug a bulky data logger into a laptop or other device.


Because our sensor products leverage our proprietary Printed Electronics process, they are thin, cost-effective and disposable, and can be placed wherever needed to determine if the proper conditions for storage and/or transportation of your product is being maintained.

RRD sensors can provide the information you need to help your products arrive to your customers in the condition you intended.

Attract shoppers' attention as they walk down the aisles with our thin, flexible lighted danglers that are motion activated to turn on only when consumers are near your product.


Add pop to your direct mail campaigns with lighted electronic cards that come to life when they're opened. Incorporate electronics into your packaging to make them interactive.

These are a few of the possibilities enabled by our Printed Electronics platform. Thin, flexible circuits that can be incorporated across RRD's product portfolio - from labels to packaging to in-store signage to direct mail, books, and more. Talk to our experts to create a solution that's right for you.

Powered Marketing Solutions


CustomWave RFID Solutions

Leveraging decades of experience developing imaging technologies and proprietary materials, our Printed Electronics platform enables RFID solutions that were previously not practical with traditional RFID manufacturing techniques.


We produce truly customized RFID solutions for your exact form factors, read requirements, quantities and budget. We give you the freedom to optimize your RFID labels and tags based on your applications—not on what inlay form factor may currently be available. We’re also able to incorporate any standard RFID chip to give you the memory and performance you need.


You're now free from one-size-fits-all smart tags and labels.

RFID Applications

Luggage Tagging

Whether it’s a new or existing RFID system, RRD can customize every aspect of your smart bag tag–from the RFID antenna, to the size, shape and construction of your label. Our customized tags help drive improvements in read range, processing speed, and accuracy–all of which help to improve your luggage handling processes.


Race Timing

Pairing our CustomWave RFID smart labels with our robust racing bib products forms a winning combination for your race timing needs.

We can variably print race bibs in a variety of formats, colors and materials, and attach RFID timing labels–encoded to your specifications–to help streamline registration and packet pick up.

Event Management

Managing event access data, tracking patient location for safety purposes, and detailing critical personnel activities are a few of the many applications we can support with our CustomWave solutions.


With RFID-enabled credentials, wristbands and access cards, we help provide better visibility into your processes, helping to reduce risk, drive revenue, and provide unique customer experiences.


Agriculture Tagging

From animal tracking to tagging crops to seed inventory management, our CustomWave RFID solutions smart products are designed to work in demanding environments to help you get the most up-to-date information on your agricultural assets.

Vehicle Access Control

Whether you're looking to control facility access, manage inventory, or provide automated parking lot services, CustomWave RFID Vehicle Tracking products can be tailored to fit your needs.

Combining RFID-enabled windshield labels, placards and key fob holders with hardware and software solutions that match your application, we can help reduce the time and effort spent locating parked vehicles, managing parking fees, preventing lost keys, and more.


Jewelry Tagging

You depend on having an accurate inventory of your high-value jewelry and other small items - but finding an effective RFID label that's equally small may have been a challenge.



With our CustomWave jewelry label solution, we can help you manage your inventory, enable real-time pricing updates, and provide tracking and security capabilities.

Small Containers & Liquids

In healthcare or other lab environments, using RFID on small containers or vials of liquids can be challenging. The necessity for smaller inlays, combined with materials that tend to absorb RFID energy, pose unique problems for standard, off-the-shelf RFID technology.


Logistics Management

Read range and read rate are critical metrics for your RFID Logistics solution, allowing you to track high volumes of packages, pallets and containers while measuring all aspects of your operational throughput. Our CustomWave Solutions are designed with performance in mind - giving you the visibility you need to help the right load get to the right place at the right time.

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