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Designed for demanding industrial applications

Hermes+ has been designed for automatic printing and applying in production lines. Applicators allow the labels to be rolled, blown or tamped on a product or packaging.

A wide range of accessories and different floor stands are available to allow flexibility in installation. This facilitates both the integ-ration in already existing and simplifies the project planning of new production lines.


Hermes+ systems turn out to be a safe investment for the future: If requirements should change, such as the product to be marked or the size of the label, the modular design can be individually adapted.

1 Large graphic display
White backlight provides optimum readability. Depending on the mounting direction, the display can be rotated in steps of 90°.

2 Navigator pad
Simple, interactive menu control; only applicable functions are displayed by the day and night design. Along with the graphic display navigation is easy to understand.

3 Ribbon holder
The fast and simple exchange of the ribbon is enabled by three-part tightening axles.

4 Rugged metal chassis
made of cast aluminum; basis to assemble all components

5 Applicator assembly
Assembled with hinged bolts, the applicator may be easily removed for maintenance.

6 Print positioning
The print position is automatically aligned when few labels of a new label roll have been printed. The reference value is kept even when the device is switched off.

7 Print head
It can be exchanged in a few quick steps; simple adjustment and setting

8 Ribbon saver
This feature is used with partially printed labels. In case of unprinted sectors the print head is lifted and the ribbon is stopped during label feed.

9 Transport system
Accurate imprint and precise feeding are enabled by ball bearing feed rolls.

10 Carrier strip rewinder
When all labels have been peeled off, the carrier strip of the label roll is fully rewound. The removal of the label roll is simplified by the tightening axle.

11 Label unwinder
A swing lever and an integrated brake mechanism make sure that the labels are unwound with constant tension.

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