The Silex SD-320AN are designed to easily connect
and share RS-232 serial devices over a wired or wireless
network. Industrial automation, building automation, medical
devices, security access and control, point of sale devices, LED
signs, bar code/label and other specialty printers, or virtually
any other device with a serial port can be now be enabled with
secure, robust wired or wireless network capability. It allows
flexibility to place the device anywhere on the network instead
of needing to be attached directly to the computer, and
multiple computers or terminals can access the serial device.

Key Features and Benefits:
• Industry-leading security including WPA, WPA2, and WEP, plus 802.1x authentication with the most commonly used EAP types
• Dual band IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n support on the SD-320AN allows communication in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. Radio interference in the commonly used 2.4 GHz band can be avoided by utilizing 5 GHz.
• Virtually any client device can remotely control and monitor your serial devices including computers (Windows, Mac, Linux), mobile devices (Android, iOS), and virtual servers (VMware, Citrix, Microsoft Terminal Server and Hyper-V).
• No special drivers or applications are needed to use the serial devices: Drivers and applications that worked when the serial device is directly connected to the computer will continue to work across the network connected to the SD-320AN.
• SD-320AN provides optimized roaming based on a signal strength algorithm between wireless access points ensuring maximum uptime for the connection.

Multiple serial port and wireless modes for maximum flexibility for any environment:
Serial Port Modes
– Serial Port Emulation Mode:
The included Silex SX-Virtual Link software precisely emulates a serial port (or COM port) connection on a computer operating system, and then redirects the packets over the network to the serial port of the SD-320AN.
– Raw TCP Connection Mode: 
This mode makes it possible to directly communicate with a serial device via TCP application program using a TCP socket API.

Operating modes:
SD-320AN: LAN, wired. Wireless Client, Wireless Access Point.

Tested for Maximum Compatibility

SILEX wireless serial servers have been tested extensively to support the security methods used in leading access points and radius servers.


Typical end user applications include:

  • Industrial automation
  • Home automation
  • Building automation
  • Medical devices
  • Security access and control
  • Point of Sale
  • LED signs
  • Any other M2M or SCADA application utilizing serial connectivity
  • Serial printers, barcode-, lable printers
  • Virtually any other products with a serial port

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