The SX-ND4050G is a network display adapter (NetDA) with full HD support for fast data transfer using the IEEE 802.11n and Gigabit Ethernet standards. This permits not only the presentation of a PC display on a remote monitor using wired or wireless transmission, but also uses integration with USB devices to permit changes to be made to the display remotely. Thanks to wireless transmission, the cable spaghetti in the vicinity of the display can be eliminated and the display can be positioned however you like.

The SX-ND4050G can be configured as a wireless Access Point and builds a complete independent wireless LAN network. That means that resources of the existing wireless network are not occupied and the investment for further hardware equipment is minimized.

The monitor next to the treatment chair is wirelessly connected to the PC in the office, so that patient files and
X-rays can be called up there. This means that there is no need to set up a PC next to each treatment chair, which
has a positive effect on the room design.


A wireless connection instead of cables next to the teacher's podium allows the whiteboard to be moved
around the room without restriction, making it easier both to put away and to set it up.


Setting up the PC in another room allows better privacy; the different requests and so forth are processed over
the network.

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