Symbol LS7808 In-Counter Scanner

SKU: LS7808

With superb first-pass scan read rates from any angle, the Symbol LS7808 barcode scanner is an in-counter scanner designed to give retailers a faster check-out process and an uncluttered countertop appearance.

Integrated Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) connectivity enables cashiers to simultaneously capture the barcode and deactivate the EAS tag.

Omni-directional scanning allows data capture regardless of how the scanned object is positioned. The scratchproof sapphire glass/stainless steel option enhances data capture reliability in more demanding environments.

The LS7808's omni-directional scan pattern reads the barcode regardless of orientation. That eliminates the need to precisely align products to the scanner.

Advanced software algorithms reconstruct poorly printed and damaged codes, further increasing performance and speeding customers through the point of sale. 

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