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ROAN ACTIVE CARE fully understands what is critical to keep our client's Printing & Mobility equipment running constantly to AVOID DOWNTIME, REVENUE LOSS and CUSTOMER DISSATISFACTION. 

Roan Active Care

Roan Active Care brings comprehensive, industry-focused and business-aligned service solutions to help accelerate the achievement of desired business outcomes. We ensure you stay on track to reach new levels of productivity and efficiency to drive a competitive advantage for your business.


Roan Active Care Packages are written in plain english & have no hidden surprises...

With the increasing pace of technology, it has become more important than ever to manage and maintain devices effectively. In today's world, technology is an essential component of both personal and professional settings. There is a growing need for solutions that can ensure that devices are running at their best, minimize downtime, and maintain compliance with company policies.

Roan Active Care provides a comprehensive range of maintenance and service plans that are designed to ensure that clients' devices are always running at peak efficiency. These plans include a variety of tailored features and services that meet the specific needs of each client. Among the key features of these plans is the use of Roan's mobility management software, which allows the company to remotely monitor and manage client devices, quickly identify and resolve any issues, and maximize productivity by minimizing downtime.

Another critical aspect of Roan's Active Care plans is its ability to track and manage mobile devices. With this feature, clients can remotely locate, lock, and wipe devices, push software updates and troubleshoot issues. This ensures that devices are always up-to-date with the latest software and security patches and that any issues are resolved quickly. Organizations can monitor device usage, control access to specific apps and network resources, and enforce compliance with company policies to ensure that devices are used in a secure and productive manner.

Roan Active Care Platinum

Our Platinum Package includes all the amazing benefits of the Tungsten Package with some extra features like; 24 hour support and our revolutionary Roan Active Care Device Management System

Active Care Platinum

Roan Active Care Tungsten

Our Tungsten Package is a complete solution for larger companies that need realtime support.

This package includes all call out, labour, travel & spares. With a 4 hour response time onsite from ticket logged. Includes 3 preventative maintenance services per annum (client can select months)

Active Care Tungsten

Roan Active Care Titanium

When there is no time for downtime our Titanium Package gives you the luxury of onsite warranty repairs. We will come to you and either fix or collect your equipment with a 2 working day turnaround on repairs.

Active Care Titanium

Roan Active Care Gold

For the ultimate peace of mind, our Gold Package is always an excellent choice when it comes to ultimate cover. We cover manufacturing defects and normal wear & tear. With a 7 day turnaround time on repairs inhouse.

Active Care Gold

Roan Active Care Silver

Our Silver Package include comprehensive parts cover, next business day delivery, helpdesk support, technical training and assistance, an quarterly reporting on fleet status.

Roan Active Care Bronze

Our Bronze Package feature call out, labor, and travel expenses included, certified technicians, guaranteed repairs with an 8-hour response time, and reduced downtime.

Active Care Bronze
Active Care Silver
Active Care Copper

Roan Active Care Copper

The Roan Active Care Copper plan is perfect for clients that only require preventative maintenance services. This plan includes 1 to 12 preventative maintenance services annually, an evaluation and feedback on the fleet, and a strip down and cleaning of all units.


8 hour response times guaranteed

24 hour Helpdesk Support

National & International Service

Includes Break-Fixing

Genuine Parts are used ensuring ultimate quality

Qualified Technician will support

Track your Devices

Manufacturer Certified Repair Centres

Software & Firmware updates included

Qualified & Professional Service

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