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Intelligent Delivery Management Platform


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Transform Your End-To-End Delivery Journey

Easily Scale Your Delivery Operations

The Intelligent Delivery Management Platform can help your business go live faster, instantly roll out process changes, and keep your delivery ecosystem agile. The engine creates a great logistics experience for your consumers with end-to-end visibility throughout the delivery journey.

Intelligent Delivery Orchestration

Continuous Delivery can help large organisations become as lean, agile, and innovative as startups. Modify or create new business processes through the IDM Platform to constantly evolve with business strategy.

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Intelligent Delivery Visibility

End-to-end predictive visibility through a single pane of glass can show companies the right information at any time. Through pre-built integrations and IoT-driven tracking of assets & multimodal shipments in the IDM Platform, visibility is achieved across all modes (Rail, Road, Ocean) of transportation in a unified environment.

Intelligent Delivery Experience

Deliver tailor-made experiences to customers based on their buying preferences and improve brand loyalty. Streamline operations across multiple touchpoints from pre to post-purchase with ETA visibility, seamless returns, flexibility to customers, and faster go-to-market.


Intelligent Delivery Orchestration


Last Mile Delivery Software
The Landscape

Enterprises across B2B, B2C & D2C are facing the need to deliver a perfect last-mile experience and hence leverage last mile software solutions. A last-mile delivery platform empowers businesses to cater to ever-increasing customer expectations and achieve operational efficiency. It keeps costs under check and provides a range of operations like delivery scheduling, task allocation, routing, real-time tracking, tracing and more. Our last-mile delivery routing software helps them deliver the perfect final mile experience to customers at optimal efficiency.


Key Highlights

  • Machine-learning based routing

  • Geofence based attendance tracking

  • Digital run sheets

  • 1-click tracking

  • Real-time ETAs

  • SMS & web-based fleet tracking software

  • KPI dashboards

  • Digital control tower

  • Predictive alerts & notifications 

  • Pick-up point & parcel shop deliveries


Delivery Challenges


  • Real-time last mile visibility

  • Last-mile operational control