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Rugged Device Management

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Rock-Solid security and remote management of your rugged devices and handheld computers

Rugged devices are used in extreme environments that require them to withstand the utmost cold, strong vibrations, temperature as well as wet and dusty conditions. Remote management of industrial-grade handheld computers and rugged mobile devices is very crucial for businesses to ensure optimal return on their investments.


SureMDM mobile device management solution is a trusted MDM tool used to secure, monitor, and manage rugged devices. SureMDM supports the management of rugged handhelds and mobile computing devices manufactured by various OEMs such as Zebra, Datalogic, Kyocera to name a few.


Advantages of Rugged Devices

  • Designed to work in extreme conditions such as rain, dust, vibrations, humidity, temperature. 

  • Durability to withstand drops on hard surfaces such as on the concrete floor. 

  • Extended power backup or battery support to ensure devices remain operational for long work hours (shifts) and keep data persistent for long periods of time.

  • Integration with external peripherals like barcode or thermal printers.

  • Hardware features such as special keys for mapping application functions.

MDM Capabilities for Rugged Devices

Device Enrolment

Similar to consumer-grade devices you can enroll rugged android handheld devices using Android Enterprise or other enrollment methods and Windows 10 based rugged devices using Windows Autopilo


Device Provisioning

After devices are enrolled in the MDM, you can push apps and content to the devices in bulk without any user intervention. Once these rugged devices are set up and configured with required apps and data, they can be delivered to the users and workers for field use.


Device Security

It is important to secure the devices when they are in field-use. Any unintentional or unintentional misuse of the device can be expensive to the business due to downtime. SureMDM mobile device management tool can configure kiosk mode on rugged handheld devices to ensure only approved apps are available to users.


OS and Security Patch Update Management 

Rugged devices need long term support from the OEMs. This is to ensure devices receive timely security patches and for years to come.


Remote Troubleshooting of Rugged Devices

SureMDM supports full remote control and management of rugged handheld and mobile computing devices. By using the remote control feature, the IT can view the device screen and send key and tap events to interact with the device. Solving application software or system configuration issues was never easier.


Asset Tracking and Reporting

Rugged handheld device management (MDM) tools can give a detailed view of all the rugged devices deployed in your organization. You can track devices where they are in use, by whom, location, etc by generating reports.

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