Any time the technician starts a job and ends a job TechConnect tags his GPS co-ordinates, and sends them to the server.

TechConnect – Technician Hand Held Device

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A successful business services company needs to manage field service technicians effectively and efficiently.

Managing field operatives (technicians and service representatives) who are not in the office is a major challenge in all businesses that are in the business services industry.

The process normally involves:

  1. Multiple calls to and from mobile phones,

  2. Slow processes in terms of getting documentation to the office

  3. Important documents (like proof of delivery documents) being misplaced or lost

  4. Service level agreement violations occurring because of the inability to close calls promptly.

Roan Systems has created a field service solution that runs on a standard mobile phone that can be used by businesses to send and receive information from the field based operative. This tool is called TechConnect. TechConnect will update the BPO back office system as soon as the device has connectivity to the Internet and the server.

The integration between the Roan Active Server and the android device is a live link, and there is no need to make calls or send SMS’s to the field technician. TechConnect runs on the android hand held device so that means if the tech is not on the internet the information he downloaded previously will still be on the application, and it will work. If he saves some information then it will update the server as soon as he has connectivity.


As the call center assigns jobs to the technician, he receives them on the handheld device. If he rejects the request this is fed back to the call centre to assign another technician. If he accepts the work is assigned to him. When he is ready to start the job he clicks on start travel.

Stock controls:

The technician will be able to check stock levels and record stock usage on his device. These will be linked to the live stock levels on the server.

Time, travel and expenses:

The tech will be able to record his time spent on the job on his device. This will be calculated by TechConnect taking the difference between the start time and the end time. He will also be able to record mileage on TechConnect, and this can be verified to an estimation based on GPS information stored on his device. Finally he will be able to record other expenses incurred on his device.


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