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Transportation and Logistics

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Mobilize your workforce with hardwaresoftware & services

to ensure productivity, efficiency & safety throughout your transportation & logistical process.

The rise in eCommerce has put an unprecedented amount of pressure on transportation and logistics companies to deliver on time, on budget and at the speed consumers expect.

In order to meet the rising demands, it’s critical for T&L companies to adapt their workflows and utilise technology and data analytics to operate more effectively. From picking and packing orders in the warehouse to route optimisation, to increasing first time delivery and ensuring driver safety on the road, our complete solution of specialised hardware, software and services can help transform your operations, increasing accuracy, productivity, and efficiency.


Third Party Logistics

The rise in eCommerce orders for essential and non-essential goods in recent months has put increased stress on the transportation and logistics segment.  


As a result, the market has seen a large uptick in outsourcing deliveries to third party logistics providers.


Additionally, there has also been an increase in outsourcing to fourth party logistics for larger organisations in need of a one-stop-shop solution.


Whether outsourcing to a third party or fourth party logistics provider, it’s essential to have the visibility, data and confidence of knowing logistics processes are being handled accurately and efficiently. 

Post and Parcel

With fewer consumers shopping in store due to stay at home guidelines, last mile delivery volume continues to surge.


Couriers are under pressure to deliver essential goods faster than ever before and provide consumers with visibility throughout the journey. 


In addition to managing increased speed and volume, couriers must adjust their delivery processes and rollout new safety protocols to minimise contact.


To succeed in today’s delivery climate, couriers must quickly adapt and optimise their operations.


Now more than ever, eCommerce and increased competition continue to set faster and more complex delivery expectations.


Coupled with the rise of new technology such as dark warehousing, the transportation and logistics industry is rapidly changing.


To meet rising expectations, trucks must pack loads more efficiently while drivers maximise productivity.


The operations department is key to keeping drivers and fleets on the road delivering on time, and on schedule.


Trucking organisations need solutions to increase communication between drivers and operation centers, ensure compliance with driver regulations, manage fleet inspections and delivery schedules. 


We are here to assist you!

Roan Systems have teamed up with the worlds leading brands to ensure that we have the correct solution for you when it comes to your specific needs.

From Labeling Software to fully automating your logistics process, we can assist.

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